In the Studio

by Sadie Fox Studio

So much has happened around the studio since the beginning of the year. The biggest news is that my partner and I began renting the space next door to my studio and turned it into a beautiful hair salon. We are working with an amazing stylist, and friend, and we hope to build an inviting space where stylists can create beauty for their clients and businesses every single day. 

Along with salon renovations and starting a new business, I have also been busy stitching up creative projects for my studio clients as well; a bathing suit bridal dress, a bridal bear and a blazer made from some amazing African fabric. Here are a few pics of what has been on my work table these past few weeks and some peek at the salon. 



Shampoo chairs at Fauna Salon in Denver. 



Bridal bathing suit for a wedding taking place in the water in Hawaii. 



Bear made from a wedding dress. 



Blazer for Alex.