Winter Coat Sew-A-Long

by Sadie Fox Studio in

It is a cold & snowy day here in Denver. Perfect for planning out a winter coat sew-a-long. A few of my students and friends will be joining me. We will be stitching up the Pepernoot coat by Waffle Patterns. We plan to meet up once (or twice) a month at the studio to trouble shoot, take photos & have fun. I will be sharing our progress as well as tips & tricks along the way.

We are super excited and each of our coats will be unique & gorgeous based on the fabric and notions we picked out at Colorado Fabrics last week. 

Here is our schedule. Join us and follow along.


February 1st thru February 14th - Make final fabric and notion selections. Print & prepare pattern pieces. Cut out all fabric, lining & interfacing pieces. 

February 15th thru February 29th - Construction begins! Zippered pockets, front & back bodice, front band.

March 1st thru March 15th - Sleeves, hood, lining, zipper

March 16th thru March 31st - Complete construction. Lining, hem and fur trim if applicable. Take final celebratory photos!


Fabric Shopping