Lovely Lace

by Sadie Fox Studio in

I have been thinking about and working with lace lately. It is such a feminine and delicate fabric. 

Have you ever wondered how lace is made? I took my daughter this past Friday to the Denver Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival. The Rocky Mountain Lace Guild had a booth at the festival and they were giving demonstrations. There, my daughter tried making bobbin lace.

Bobbin lace

In my research I found this great video about how machine lace fabric is made.


Lace is traditionally used in bridal and special occasion fashion. However, I love the use of lace in everyday wear. A lace top can make a plain pair of jeans feel dressy and special. Cotton lace fabric can be turned into flirty summer caftans or swimsuit coverups. 

A great place in Denver to purchase lace is Colorado Fabrics. If shopping online check out Gorgeous Fabrics for their selection of lace. 

When we were at the festival I purchased some lovely lace trim and other lace bits to incorporate into collars and plackets at the Trims On Wheels booth. I imagine sewing up some summer tunics and tops with lace touches at the neck and bodice. 

If you are looking for a simple sewing project to add lace into your spring/summer wardrobe, here is a tutorial on how to add lace to the bottom of a basic t-shirt. I love how it looks! 

 Image and Top by  REVOLVE

Image and Top by REVOLVE