Vintage Volunteer

by Sadie Fox Studio

My daughters go to a Waldorf inspired charter school. It is a community school where it takes a supportive community to make it what it is. Every fall there is a Harvest Festival. This year I am volunteering some of my time to stitch up felt Shooting Stars for kids to toss at the festival. Kleas was the inspiration for the project. Check out this and other ideas on her blog

Since I moved my Bernina  and my other vintage machines to my new studio, the only machine I have at home now is my vintage Domestic that I scored at a garage sale for peanuts. It is a beautiful machine. I have a thing for vintage machines. The sound, the smell and the stitches they make. This heavy duty machine is no exception. It takes a bit to figure out how to  thread and to get used to the fact that the hand wheel turns the opposite way of any other machine I have ever used. However, once you get it cleaned, oiled and up and running it is a gem of a machine. 

Domestic Sewing Machine circa 1951